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MajinTails' Web Thing is a Hosting site for Roleplays, Fanfiction, Discussions, Files, and more. It serves as a Test and Hosting wiki for both it's namesake founder, and guests who stumble upon the site. You are allowed to use CSS for your Pages, and temporarily store content for other sites here until they can find usage, such as Draft works. It's used by MajinTails to explain and share his works, but Anything can be a article on here as long as it serves a actual point, is at least readable, and fits with the Wiki in general. If you want to add a category to the Discussions Forum, simply contact MajinTails and he will add it on your behalf. In addition, for more real-time communication, there is also a Discord Chatroom.

Message from the Founder[edit | edit source]

Greetings, welcome to my Home site. If by any means you are here, chances are you were just too goofy with the URLs, or you followed me from some other Website (Likely due to me linking it through my own profile there.) Feel free to mess around here, but don't go too far. If you need help with hosting content, setting things up here, or anything, message me on my wall. Thanks for coming! M.T 08:05, 31 August 2020 (UTC)

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